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remove friction
from your business

through micro social networks

friction in business

Technology and organization silos that have been established over the past decades obstruct businesses’ ability to manage the increasing complexities of today’s global business environment.

why change?

Cross-functional, project-based business execution is the norm. Operating with disconnected information, isolated actions with unclear roles and responsibilities destroys team performance.

reinvent teams

Imagine teams that share information and take actions without technological and organizational barriers. Imagine this not only improving your team performance but also your business governance ...all while making your people enjoy their work more!


remove silos and perform in a complex business environment

with technology solutions built for true team-based sharing.

The technological and organizational architecture of the past isolates people from relevant information and actions. Communication has become the glue in this fragmented world of business operation, having driven email traffic to painful and unsustainable levels.

Based on the understanding that “social technology” is foremost about sharing, we have eliminated the silos so that organizations can reach entirely new levels of team performance.

unlock cross-functional collaboration

Make it easy to build teams on projects with connected actions and relevant information. Take your operating model from paper to a living, role-based model; including levels of governance that are impossible to accomplish with legacy technology.

built and delivered on the world’s leading cloud-based enterprise platform

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Our apps are natively built and exclusively delivered on the Salesforce® platform. The platform's true multi-tenant architecture, its social collaboration capability, and its full mobility support provide the most innovative basis for our applications.


Stop documenting teams, live them ! Social RASIC® integrates an established role model for cross-functional teams with the social technology of the Salesforce® platform.


The automotive supplier industry is the launching pad for our solutions. Given the global nature of this industry and the complexity of their business execution, it provides us with great opportunities to verify the benefits of our new operating model.