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Up2Go was founded in 2009 – on the heels of the financial crisis.

The driving force behind our purpose of Humanizing Business came primarily from a founder who had “climbed the corporate ladder” to the top and was wrestling with the notion that the race for continuous growth and profitability made work increasingly meaningless. Numbers had priority over people and other, non-monetary considerations.

The challenges that led to our foundation and drive us to this day started with the question “How can we help bring meaning and purpose (back) to business?”.

Humanizing Business, one company at a time … starting with ourselves.

With the introduction of social media, we saw the opportunity to create a new operating system for work.

A system that places the why at the center of all activities while supporting the Principles referenced as the basis for a more engaging work environment.

We believe that people want to take responsibility for what they see as meaningful and that purpose-based leadership unleashes creativity through passionate engagement with work.

Harrison Owen said it like this: “Without Passion, nobody cares! Without Responsibility, nothing gets done!”

Scaling Good!

The B Corp movement incorporates a system of certification for businesses that commit to pursuing their purpose by balancing People, Planet, and Profit perspectives – a commitment to a stakeholder versus shareholder economy.

From the start, we developed our organization with these three perspectives guiding our actions. Welcoming public accountability for our approach to doing “business-for-good” we have decided to join the movement and pursue a B Corp certification.

We believe that by developing shaRe in support of a stakeholder-based business model we help scale business-for-good and stay true to our own purpose of Humanizing Business.

… and then there is AI

Even though AI is a technology, we don’t treat it as such. We position AI as a participant in collaborative learning and knowledge creation.

Our integration of AI is guided by human rights and dignity perspectives such as UNESCO‘s 10 core principles for a human-rights-centered approach to the ethics of AI.

Within these guiding principles, we focus on the requirements to keep decision authority and accountability with humans.

shaRe governs the actions of AI through alignment with purpose and human accountability.

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