Humanizing Business

We were founded in 2009 with the purpose of humanizing business. Our pursuit started by adding a dynamic responsibility model to social media-based information sharing. This reduced or eliminated the need for bureaucratic, hierarchical business management.

As cloud-based sharing technology advanced, so did our ability to enhance team-based collaboration and decentralized decision-making. Empowering teams through real-time information and decision-making authority made our customers (and ourselves) more adaptable to change than ever before.

Between 2009 and 2021 our SaaS offering was branded as Social RASIC, focusing on the who (responsibility) in collaboration. Our implementation on the Salesforce platform was guided by organizational models that focus on human-centric collaboration.

During this period, our core application evolved through 30+ releases.

shaRe – Who meets Why

The COVID pandemic and the introduction of AI have significantly increased the uncertainty around why and how to participate in collaboration (work).

While previously focused on the who and how of collaboration, in 2022 we felt it was necessary to include the why. We added purpose and strategy-based structures, simplified the responsibility model, and added an entirely new user experience for collaboration.

We believe that in the knowledge age collaboration equals learning and the creation of knowledge. We see AI as a participant in human knowledge development and position it accordingly. Our “integration” of AI is guided by human rights and dignity perspectives such as UNESCO‘s ten core principles for a human-rights-centered approach to the ethics of AI.

shaRe positions AI between purpose and human responsibility.

"Without passion, nobody cares. Without responsibility, nothing gets done." Harrison Owen

Dedicated to Responsible Collaboration

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