Agile Solutions for Complex Business Challenges

Being a Supplier in the global automotive and commercial vehicle industry is not getting easier.  Increasing model variety, technology changes, globalization and new competitors all add to the complexity of your business.  Constant variability of production volumes, pricing and costs are adding to the challenge.


The world of data processing systems, spreadsheets, slides and emails can't keep up. Further investments in current systems and application environments will not address your challenges.


Fortunately there is a solution, based on the technologies offered through a true* cloud-based enterprise platform that supports social and mobile business execution.


Leave the world of disconnected information, processes and people, where business management takes place one report at a time.

Work with connected information, processes and people where business management is live, collaborative and location independent. Imagine a world without the daily onslaught of emails, spreadsheets and slides. A world where people can effectively collaborate in international and multi-functional teams, directly on live business processes without sending a single email. A world where you will be faster and more accurate at the same time.


*Caution, not all clouds are equal. We are happy to explain the difference between a true cloud and a false cloud; it's actually fairly simple but mostly unknown. Deciding for a false cloud has many costly consequences.

Focused on the business needs of automotive and commercial vehicle suppliers we offer industry specific applications and services to transform your business.


Our key innovations that support this claim are ...

  • Extending CRM with the Product Relationship, connecting your parts with your customer's products; we call this CPRM
  • Connecting your teams with Social RASIC to live business processes, creating the first livable RASIC teams ever
  • Balancing information, Process, Organizational and Change requirements with our iPOC methodology, assuring highest level of adoption and ROI


We deliver our applications exclusively on the world's leading cloud-based enterprise platform; We leverage its state-of-the-art mobile and social technologies, making your business environment exciting for you and for the next generation of talent.



What results can you expect from working with us ...

  • Live business process execution; including all related communication without the need for email
  • Clarity of roles and responsibility for each business process instance; including access control
  • Collaborative decision (gate) management in multi-functional teams; including corporate approval policy compliance
  • Live dashboards and reports with full drill-down capabilities; no need for slides and spreadsheets to run your business
  • "Audits-in-a-Breeze" based on everything being in one place, on the process instance
  • Supplier optimized data management; including reference production volumes from market analysts (e.g. IHS, PSR, ...)
  • Quantitative understanding of information, processes, organization and change; live dashboards for all iPOC elements
  • Significantly improved agility and information quality; faster and better
  • Connected and engaged employees, building a network of "earned skills"
  • Simply the best cloud platform available; no infrastructure, no global deployment headaches, no costly "upgrade projects", mobile, social, ...


We understand the industry and the leading technologies. Combined with our own innovations we enable you to address your business challenges in an entirely new way.

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