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managing business complexity


Turn paper-based operating models into liveable, collaborative stage gate processes, built on a cloud-based, social and mobile technology platform.


Integrate cross-functional project teams with line hierarchy based governance and compliance utilizing the RASIC methodology.


Eliminate technological and organizational silos and operate in a project-based organization with liveable, harmonized processes that engage employees with consistent clarity of roles and responsibilities.

removing friction for automotive suppliers

by eliminating technological and organizational silos to enable high performance, project-based business execution. Run your business planning and sales pursuits with cross-functional teams on live projects that are supported with relevant data through a common data model, including market analyst’s production volume reference data.

plan your business

in an environment where customer strategies become actionable and revenue projections update automatically. Business Plans give you better visibility into the health of your business while reducing the effort of reporting.

pursue your opportunities

collaboratively with cross-functional teams connected to relevant information and actions. Sales Projects give your salespeople the tools they need to configure, price and quote deals faster and with greater accuracy.