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role-based sharing


Bring focus to the purpose of actions and information; the project.


Share actions and information for most effective collaboration.


Connect a team of people with clear roles and responsibilities to the project.

high performance teamwork

through a role-based organizational model for projects, supported by a common technology platform for actions, information and governance.

team management

is a key to project success. Assemble the best team for your project and apply the RASIC methodology to create clarity about team member’s roles and responsibilities. Align access rights to project information and actions with team membership.


is the most frequent action on projects. Move your communication out of the “email silo” onto the project. Manage the relevance of your entire communication in the context of projects and the roles you have on those projects.

Since mid-2012 we have not used any email communication internally.


allow you to structure your project work while maintaining team-based sharing of the things that need to get done. Manage your projects with a real-time perspective on the work completed, what is in progress, and what is still to be done.


serve as the governance element in stage transitions. Supply your decisions with the relevant information and engage the proper organizational functions in collaborative decision-making. Make decisions based on your functional line hierarchy, an approver team hierarchy, or without a hierarchy at all.

more videos to come