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inspired by teams

we believe

that the social and mobile technology innovations offer the potential to greatly improve the relationship between people and their work. We will leverage these technologies and integrate current and new organizational models in ways that strengthen the engagement between people and business.

our 4 C's

guide us in the pursuit of our purpose as an organization and embody the behaviors visible in our people. We strive to continuously improve our interactions and the positive contribution we as an organization can make to each other, the business world and society as a whole.


Everything we do shall be based on first learning and understanding the world we live in. How did we get to where we are today? What problems were created along the way? Where and how can we help in removing those problems? The more thorough our understanding of the problems that we solve, the more purpose our work has.


We are not afraid to challenge each other and those around us with innovative ideas when we see a solution to a problem. We understand that challenge requires trust and an open environment of communication with the ability to present and discuss controversial views. We expect a pragmatic problem-focused engagement when pursuing solutions, yet stretch our imagination with creativity.


We apply our skills with passion and attention to detail. We hold pride in what we do and continue to develop our best practices. The pursuit of mastering our trade engages us in continuous learning and continuous teaching.


Sharing is at the core of our understanding of working together. We understand that very little can be accomplished alone, we know that we need each other to be successful. We operate with transparency and share our knowledge for the benefit of those around us. We seek balanced and sustainable solutions that create the broadest benefits for all people involved.

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Mombacher Strasse 52
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