There is a storm of innovation driven by the consumer market that is bringing Cloud-based, Social & Mobile Enterprise Applications to the business world. The pace of these innovations is challenging traditional service models; actually, they will no longer work in the PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) and SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) world.


Our iPOC service model was specifically developed to keep up with this new innovation pace. Our "OC" components make sure that the focus is not only on technological innovation but also on organizational responsibilities and effective change management.


iPOC ensures balance of the following four elements...

  • information…     determine the minimum amount of information in support of the business goals
  • Processes…       design lean and livable processes to create and manage the information
  • Organization…   align organizational roles and responsibilities with process execution
  • Change…           motivate and coach the change required to live the new processes


The iPOC services are supported by our application portfolio illustrated below.


iPOC - Organizational & Change Services


Up2Go’s Organizational & Change Services connect your people to your business in a way never before possible. Applying our Social RASIC methodology we create clarity around organizational roles and responsibilities in the context of business processes. International and multi-functional teams can collaborate with ease and can quickly adapt to new talent needs by managing their team membership.


This new form of teamwork follows the new concepts and technologies of "sharing" information versus "distributing" information. This represents a significant change, including the departure from communicating via email (distribution model) to an engagement in social communication (posts / feeds). The benefits are easy to quantify and we have developed several best practices in support of this change.


Our services will help you to...

  • Effectively manage your business with live RASIC-based teams
  • Communicate in the direct context of your business processes; without email
  • Make faster and better informed decisions
  • Connect your people through an "earned skill network"
  • Accelerate global and multi-functional collaboration
  • Enable contribution from anywhere at any time
  • Assure user adoption


Our 2Team application supports all elements of our Organizational & Change Services.

iPOC - Process Services


Up2Go’s Process Services enable live process execution of your core processes. We create iPOC based design documentation for your new processes.  This documentation serves as the guideance for the configuration of our process management application.  "Paper" and application are identical, processes are alive. Only truly live processes provide the opportunity for continues improvement based on KPIs that are supported by each process instance.


Our services will help you to...

  • Bring your processes to life in your everyday work
  • Understand your process performance based on defined metrics (KPIs)
  • Improve process cadence; become faster
  • Manage decisions (gates) during process execution
  • Ensure consistent and high quality information is always available
  • Visibility and traceability of changes
  • Make Audits a breeze!


Our CPRM-PM application supports all elements of our Process Services.

iPOC - Information Services


Up2Go’s Information Services focus on the definition and management of information you need to support your business goals. We work with you to define the minimal amount of information you need to meet your business goals to enable lean and efficient processes.


Our services will help you to...

  • Create an optimum balance between information granularity (detail) and useability
  • Increase the quality of your information
  • Eliminate stale or out of date information or data
  • Find information quickly & easily; e.g. in the context of business processes
  • Control the sharing of information across multiple business processes
  • Integrate information (e.g. master data) from other systems


Our CPRM-MD application supports all elements of our Information Services.

Administration Services


Up2Go’s Administration Services focus on the setup and on-going maintenance of the platform so that you benefit from new capabilities and innovations that the Software-as-a-Service model enables; all this without the "upgrade" projects of the past.


Our services will help you to...

  • Work securely from anywhere on any device
  • Always be on the latest version, with ease
  • Assure high quality configuration of all aspects of the platform; our staff is certified by


All of our applications are developed and deployed 100% native to the platform.

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