We have added the Product to CRM, which allows suppliers to manage the relationship between their products and their customer's products. Understanding the customer relationship inclusive of the product relationship is essential for every supplier.


The information about the product relationship is managed at the core of our application portfolio; we call this the master data. Surrounding the master data are the business processes that leverage this information to enable well-informed business execution.


With our invention of Social RASIC we connect your teams to your business processes and bring role-based clarity to collaboration and decision-making.


All of our applications are implemented natively on the world's leading cloud and mobile enterprise platform, salesforce.com.


Our tag line "Connect Your Teams to Your Business" is all about the 2Team application. With our Social RASIC teams we place business management directly into the hands of your business leaders; the R's and A's. Applying the sharing methodology team membership determines access rights, collaboration and decision-making participation. Sharing (versus distributing) eliminates duplicates in data, files and communication* ... imagine your business without duplicate information.


Roles & responsibilities are no longer just documented, they become alive.  A multi-functional (matrix) organization can deliver more effectively than ever. Team membership changes require no IT skills and can keep up with today's business pace, including the need for increasing global collaboration.  Understand your organization like never before, including a live network of talent based on what we call "earned skill".


*Applying 2Team at Up2Go we no longer use email for internal communication and also a declining amount of email for external communication.  Moving away from email removes an enormous operational burden that this distribution based approach has driven into the business world.

Our process management application finds itself purposely placed between your people and your data.  Processes need data to function and people to run them.


Move past process design and documentation on paper, live your processes in real-time. Understand what works and what doesn't and improve process execution based on live KPIs.


Collaboratively execute any type of business process including all related documents, assignments and decisions (gates). Eliminate the vast majority of manual audits and let the application do this work for you; on all process instances, not just on a few samples.

Business processes require good data, the principle of "garbage in = garbage out" applies. Our master data management application assures common and shared data across all business processes, whether they leverage this data on a consolidated basis for business planning purposes or on an individual instance for product quality management. Accurately managing the continuous variability of countless attributes in the product relationship over time is a given.


Understanding production volumes, prices, costs, shares, take rates, price downs, etc. drives decision-making in all supplier processes. Integration of external perspectives from market analysts (e.g. IHS, PSR, ...) complements the master data information.


Live propagations of changes throughout the application provides instant insight into business developments.  Snapshots of the live data and automated variance analysis across snapshots supports periodic comparisons.

Our applications are natively developed and exclusively available on the salesforce.com platform, the #1 cloud-based enterprise platform.


The platform's true multi-tenant architecture, its social collaboration capability, and its full mobility support provide the most innovative basis for our applications; as confirmed by salesforce.com being named the most innovative company by Forbes in 2011, 2012, and 2013.


Up2Go is a Preferred Partner to Salesforce.com and the only ISV (Independent Software Vendor) on this platform who is 100% focused on the Automotive Industry.

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