About Us

... seems to be where everybody is heading, the "cloud" promises answers to many business challenges. But not all clouds are equal, and creating real business value requires sound technical expertise and business knowledge.


Supported by our international industry background (since 1986) and our experience in working with the salesforce.com enterprise platform (since 2003) we are uniquely qualified to move your business to the real cloud.


We are a preferred partner of salesforce.com, and the only Independent Software Vendor (ISV) on the salesforce.com platform that is 100% dedicated to the automotive and commercial vehicle industry.

... people is the start of a team. High performance teamwork is at the core of our approach to improving your business.


Based on our invention of Social RASIC we enable live business execution with connected teams; RASIC is no longer confined to documentation, it is alive.  Executing your business in dynamic, multi-functional, international teams is finally possible.


Leveraging the sharing methodology of today's social apps we enable improved access control, elimination of duplicates, collaborative decision-making, skill networks, and many more high-value capabilities that are impossible to harness with distribution-based technologies.  Let us show you how "social" is really good for your business.

... forward and take advantage of the opportunities this period of disruptive technological innovation offers; transform your business.  Our iPOC methodology takes the guess work out of change and organizational development.  Move from periodic sampling and subjective assessments to a live understanding of your organization.


The next, or should we say current generation of talent will place entirely different demands on the work environment, such as connectivity, mobility and location independence.  At Up2Go we explore new approaches to work on a continuous basis and are happy to share our results and best practices.

... experience and presence is what allows us to support our global customer base. We understand the opportunities and challenges of an internationally operating company in a multi-cultural environment.


Whether it is operational execution across multiple timezones and multiple business functions, or the alignment of priorities and approaches across different cultures, we welcome being part of the team.


While we are experts in the online world we believe in personal interaction with our customers.  Our locations in the US (MI & CA), Germany and Austria enable us to balance our online and in-person interaction with you.

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